Don Lemon Caught Off Guard with Commentator’s Response to Royal Family Paying Reparations

Recently demoted CNN host Don Lemon was recently caught off guard by a commentator’s response to his suggestion that the Royal Family should pay reparations.

Journalist Tom Elliott shared a clip of the exchange in a tweet and said, “CNN’s @DonLemon tells royal commentator Hilary Fordwich the royal family should pay reparations — immediately regrets it.”

Fordwich told Lemon that if reparations should be given, then it should perhaps come from those in Africa who were selling the slaves to the UK.

“You always have to go back to the beginning of the supply chain, that was in Africa,” Fordwich noted.

Fordwich then explained that the UK was the first to abolish slavery and that 2,000 Brits died on the “high seas” trying to stop slavery.

Additionally, Fordwich suggested that perhaps the families of those who died should also receive reparations.

Lemon appeared to pause for a moment before stammering, “It’s an interesting discussion Hilary, thank you very much, I appreciate it, we will continue to discuss in the future.”

One progressive expressed her outrage at Fordwich’s comments, Virginia Barnette, who is white, and she declared in a tweet, “Don Lemon just let a British woman he was interviewing on CNN lecture him on ‘Africans rounding up their own and selling them off into slavery’ as if it was their fault and the British were NOT TO BLAME.”

“Is DL stupid or a coward?” Barnette wondered.

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