Bill Maher’s Liberal Guests want Repentance from Trump Voters, Trace Adkins Responds ‘I Ain’t Asking Forgiveness for Sh*t’

On Bill Maher’s Overtime, the post-show after Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO, his liberal guests expect an apology or some sort of repentance from those who supported or voted for Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Trace Adkins wasn’t taking their guff and blatantly told them, “I ain’t asking forgiveness for shit”.

Bill Maher doesn’t like how divided things are, he doesn’t want to have to pick a state to live in based on politics because he sees flaws in both parties. Speechwriter for Joe Biden, Jon Meacham replies, “it has to be both, and both have to accept the rule of law.”

Meacham then informs us he lives in Tennesee and has many conservative friends “who don’t want Trump and then they’ll say but Biden’s spending too much money.” He then shakes his head and says, “You don’t get to say the second part until you fix the first” He then admits he has become very partisan himself admitting, “I didn’t feel this way until the [2020 presidential] election was over.”

He then places blame about his feelings on January 6th and the way Trump handled the election results.

He motions to Adkins and says “see if you agree with this.” Adkins doesn’t look thrilled.

Meacham continues, “Republicans who don’t like Trump, want forgiveness but they don’t want to repent.”

Maher laughs sheepishly and looks at Adkins who is also smiling at the uncomfortable statement. Maher starts to say, “You don’t have to answer.”

Adkins interrupts and declares, “I ain’t asking forgiveness for sh*t.” He continues, “It’s not personal, it’s policy.”

Puck New’s founding partner Julia Loffe seems triggered by Adkin’s response.

She starts her tirade, “It is personal. I think Trump made a lot of things personal, and when we talk about the division in this country, we can’t talk about it as if it’s a meteorological phenomenon that just happened, right? There were certain things that were done by certain people in certain institutions, Trump among them – very consciously, to divide this country, to prey upon the fissures that already existed, and to make them wider and wider and wider to the point where we can’t see each other across them.” 

She adds, “So it’s not just like, ‘Oh my, this has happened.’ This was done in many ways on purpose by Trump… and so when we say it’s not personal, it is personal. And I do think people who supported Trump and who enabled Trump do have something to apologize for and do have a lot to repent for.”

“A man who calls countries s-hole countries, who tells congresspeople of color to go back to where they came from, who calls women pigs, who makes fun of their menstrual cycles, I could go on, and on, and on… And that people still follow him and think that’s still okay… That is something that we have to talk about.”

Maher replies, “I would say most of the people I know who voted for Trump say, ‘The biggest mistake liberals make is thinking I like him’”

Loffe interjects, “It doesn’t matter If you vote for him.”

Maher continues, “What they’re saying is that you get two choices in this country, I would never vote for Donald Trump, nobody was harder on Donald Trump than me… but it’s a little more nuanced than that. It’s a little more nuanced than that. I understand why people who make the decision to vote, which most people do, based on not who I like the best but who I hate the least.”

Loffe then doubles down, “That means all of the things he said and has done are not bad enough to keep you from voting from him, which means you’re more okay with him being in power and him having the nuclear codes and him having control of the army and the Department of Justice … that means you’re okay with that or you’re more okay with that than the other guy no matter what he said, no matter what he’s done.”

Maher then steers the conversation, “It depends on what’s your priority. To me, the two biggest issues are democracy and the environment… but I don’t have kids. I know people who say, ‘I have kids and I don’t like it when they come home and say ‘Uh, they divided the class today into oppressors and oppressed. And if I changed my sex I don’t have to tell my parents’.’ There’s s— like that going on that makes people go, ‘You know, I agree. Donald Trump is a creep. He is everything wrong that could be stuffed into one man. But I have these other considerations.’ That’s all.” 

Maher also told Loffe, “And that’s why you, you know, you seem like you have such contempt for half the country. I don’t think that’s gonna get us where we need to go because… I think we’ve crossed this line. And now the question is, how do we walk it back? How do we walk it back from I hate you so much that I can’t live with you. And we have to live with each other. There’s no apartment where we can put the tape down the middle of it. We have to find a way.”

Maher’s Friday night Overtime show certainly got confrontational with some very harsh rhetoric coming from his liberal guests. Adkins kept it short and sweet but definitely got under the skin of Loffe who seemed quite offended by his comment.

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