Don Lemon ‘Thrilled’ and ‘A Little Nervous’ About ‘A Good Thing’ After CNN Announces Plan to Move Him From Primetime to Morning Show

CNN announced today that they are moving Don Lemon from the station’s primetime lineup and moving him to the morning show.

Conservative commentator Tim Young weighed in on the move in a quote tweet of journalist Jon Nicosia who had said, “This is a downgrade for Lemon.”

Young pointed out, “I guess Don Lemon ticks too many boxes to outright fire… so they’ll phase him out by first tanking his own show…”

Lemon was apparently on a plane when the news was announced initially, which appeared to catch him off guard.

When he finally landed, Lemon offered in a tweet, “I’m thrilled & a little nervous. A good thing. What’s life without taking risks?”

@PoppyHarlowCNN & @KaitlanCollins (K-POP) were the icing on the cake. Stay tuned & thanks for the well wishes,” Lemon added.

The Hill’s Joe Concha gave his opinion on the move in a tweet where he reported that “CNN new morning show announced: Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, Kaitlin Collins.”

“Head-scratcher. Lemon has already been rejected by audiences in prime. Collins is a White House correspondent, not a morning host. Numbers will look similar after the show settles in,” Concha predicted.

Collins appeared excited about the new position as she declared in a tweet, “I am so thrilled and humbled by this.”

“I’m truly grateful for my years covering the White House and look forward to waking up early every morning with my friends @donlemon and @PoppyHarlowCNN,” Collins insisted.

According to the news release, the new morning news program will debut later this year with a fresh name, format, and set.

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