Donald Trump Announces ‘Office of the Former President’, Will Continue to Push His Agenda as Much as Possible

As you know, the United States has a new president named Joe Biden. But Donald Trump isn’t going away. While he has not yet announced a 2024 bid for president, it’s looking less and less likely that the U.S. Senate will convict him in the second impeachment attempt. This is based on our opinion.

The second impeachment aimed at convicting former President Trump of “inciting a riot” is also a way to keep him from running again.

We believe Trump will remain immensely popular and will continue to announce new plans and other aspects of his agenda pushing announcement.

“Today, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, formally opened the Office of the Former President,” reads the announcement. “President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People.”

“The Office will be responsible for managing President Trump’s correspondence, public statements, appearances, and official activities to advance the interests of the United States and to carry on the agenda of the Trump Administration through advocacy, organizing, and public activism.”

The press release concluded:

“President Trump will always and forever be a champion for the American People.”

See tweet below:

Washington Times reported:

The office gives the ex-president a formal vehicle to coordinate future public appearances, statements and official activities. The office might be especially valuable since he is banned from the social-media outlets he had used to great effect while president.

Meanwhile, Trump is awaiting the news of whether or not Facebook will allow him back on. It is unlikely that Twitter will allow Donald Trump to come back anytime soon, if ever. Stay tuned to Media Right News for updates.