Donald Trump, at Speaking Event, Reminds Audience Who is in Charge, Reiterates that ‘We Are Americans and Kneel to God Alone’

Former and likely future President Donald John Trump spoke two nights in a row. Two nights ago he rallied in Arizona, as we reported here. Although he again didn’t make it official, some speculated that he was dropping obvious hints of his 2024 presidential run.

It is in our speculation that GOP operatives don’t want him to announce until after the mid-terms, after speculation of an Independence Day announcement fell flat on its face. Many RINOs and Dems keep saying Trump is afraid that Ron DeSantis might steal the limelight if he doesn’t hurry up and announce.

Based on our research and opinion, however, that is simply a narrative some want to paint and not the reality of the situation. Last night at TPUSA’s Student Action Summit, Donald Trump reminded people who is in charge, at the same event where he blew other Republicans out of the water in a straw poll.

“President Donald J. Trump speaks at the Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida: “Because we are Americans, and Americans kneel to God, and God alone.”

Truth Social Screenshot, Click for Post and Video Clip

Here you can watch the full video from last night:

Donald Trump is maintaining, if not surging in popularity, despite being labeled and tarnished everything in the book by the left, and banned from Facebook and Twitter. Facebook will consider letting Trump back on in 2023 if he even wants to, but that’s not a guarantee.

However, Twitter has banned him permanently and without Elon Musk’s deal which is now canceled, Trump will likely not be coming back to Twitter ever. Truth Social, however, is gaining popularity and many are flocking over there as the technology improves and to see what Donald Trump is saying.

Recently, Apprentice contestant and country legend John Rich had a hit song thanks in part to promotion on Truth. Read more on that one here:

Stay tuned for possible updates in the future as we continue to monitor the developing campaign season as well as other relevant news.

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