Doug Mastriano Dismisses AG Josh Shapiro For Suggesting That Election Audit Will Have to ‘Go Through Him’: ‘There’s Something Called a Constitution’

Last week, we reported that a group of Republican lawmakers from Pennsylvania have called for an audit of the 2020 presidential election in their state.

The state’s Democratic Attorney General Josh Shapiro heard about the suggested audit and declared on MSNBC that “They’ll have to go through me” if they want to do it.

Republican State Sen Doug Mastriano, who was part of the delegation that visited Arizona’s audit, spoke to Jenna Ellis regarding the potential audit and dismissed Shapiro’s claims.

Mastriano delivered a message to Shapiro: “There’s something called a Constitution – and guess what? The legislative body has oversight of the manner and conduct of elections.”

“So that means we are responsible with the transparency part,” Mastriano continued, asking, “What do [they] have to hide?”

Republican Congressional candidate Teddy Daniels shared a video clip of Mastriano’s response and said in a tweet, “Yep, @JoshShapiroPA , nobody needs to go through you you aren’t even part of the equation.”

Daniels added, “It’s a constitutional republic, not a tyrannical socialist government.”

Previously, Mastriano told CNN, ” don’t know what’s to be concerned or upset about. Just asking for transparency, I know the narrative from several of them over there is about overturning, there’s no extensive claims. How do we know?”

“If they were as good as Governor Wolf and Josh Shapiro says they are, fantastic, and then the people in the state will say I have faith there wasn’t a problem,” Mastriano explained.

On Friday Gov. Tom Wolf (D) tweeted in opposition to the proposed audit and said, “What they’re calling for isn’t an ‘audit.’ It’s a taxpayer-funded disinformation campaign and a disgrace to democracy.”

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