Doug Mastriano Slams Philadelphia Requiring Masks for Upcoming Public School Year, Says he will Outlaw Mandates as Governor

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano (R-PA) is not mincing words.

In the wake of liberal Philadelphia planning to reinstate mask mandates for at least part of the 2022-2023 public school year, the GOP gubernatorial nominee to run against Democrat Josh Shapiro has made his stance clear.

Although the statewide races are going to be tight, Mastriano is not pandering down the middle on the masks issue. He has gone on record and says he will go toe to toe with leftist strongholds like Philly, and ban mask mandates as governor.

“Let me be very clear, on day one as Governor, I will be outlawing any school mask mandates in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and we will then codify into law!”

In the wake of the FBI Mar-A-Lago raid scandal, many wonder if upcoming elections may be affected in favor of Republicans. America First candidates Like Mastriano seem to be pushing onward with the same plan regardless, however.

Mastriano has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump. Trump is dominating the news cycle even though he’s out of office, for now.

It’s unclear if most liberal cities will be pushing masks yet, or if Philadelphia will be a special case.

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