Soros and Lincoln Project Backed Liberal State Attorney Fights Back and Fundraises, Wants Job Back After DeSantis Put His Foot Down

The Lincoln Project supported and George Soros backed state attorney who Ron DeSantis sacked is kvetching, big league, and he wants money and his job back.

Andrew Warren opined in the Washington Post about his suspension issued by the Florida governor for allegedly failing to uphold his oath and do his job. Warren complains that his suspension was an abuse of power by DeSantis.

“Together, we will fight Ron DeSantis’ abuse of power and restore the will of the voters. I hope you’ll join me. To support our effort to defend democracy, go to”

Warren calls it an attack on “freedom and country — and we have to fight back.” Warren claims DeSantis is moving to fire him for “voicing my opinion”.

Warren believes DeSantis is doing injustices to the people of Florida by, restricting abortion and enacting restrictions on voting to prevent fraud (which Warren claims doesn’t exist).

He also calls out DeSantis for the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and believes it targets the LGBTQ community, stopping them from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with students.

Many parents are uncomfortable with this discussion taking place without them and at such young ages. So to many, it seems that it is a fair thing to exclude from a minor’s education.

Warren vows to fight back against the suspension. “We plan to fight this suspension in the courts, and if successful, I intend to resume the important work I was elected to do: Ensure my community is safe by embracing effective criminal justice policies.”

Warren complains that DeSantis gave no specific examples of actions he has taken that broke or ignored a law. DeSantis did highlight pledges made by Warren that said he would ignore Florida law if the case arose. However, Warren tries to play down the pledges a explains he was only expressing his opinion with the pledges. Suspended before he has done anything “wrong” he complains.

He concludes his opinion with “Our governor’s [DeSantis] overreach should alarm anyone who believes in a fair and free democracy, regardless of your political persuasion. And I fear such actions will become part of the political playbook in states around the country if we allow them to stand.”

The conclusion seems ironic coming from him as he signed pledges which say he will not enforce Florida law.

The Lincoln Project seems to be on the side of the suspended attorney sharing on Twitter:

“Ron DeSantis uses his political power to exact revenge on his political enemies. Some might even call it a ‘Witch Hunt.’ First, it was Disney. Then it was teachers. The latest victim? @AndrewWarrenFL.”

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