Driver Pushes Through Protest in the Street in Portland as Antifa Attempt to Punch Driver and Damage His Car

A video has gone viral that shows a driver in Portland pushing his way through a protest by Antifa that occurred in Portland, Oregon.

“Independent journalist” Maranie R. Staab, who is clearly an Antifa-sympathizer, tweeted the video and said, “A car just drove thru a crowd of protesters, dragging one on his hood, during a peaceful demonstration in SE Portland.”

“The group of approx. 25 temporarily occupied an intersection in an act of civil disobedience in a demand for the abolition of police,” Staab added.

In the video, you can hear one of the Antifa yell “get it” as another one of the Antifa swings some sort of bag that connects with the car and makes a banging noise.

Editor of The Post Millennial shared the video from Staab’s account and said of the incident, “At an #antifa protest today in southeast Portland, they shut down the roads again. Watch as one of them rushes in to punch a driver trying to drive off.”

Following many responses to the video, Staab attempted to justify the actions of the Antifa in a series of replies to the tweet.

“There seems to be some confusion re: the circumstances here. No one attacked this car. The majority of vehicles (several hundred over the course of approx. 30 minutes) chose to drive around the block rather than confront protesters,” Staab began.

Staab then insisted, “Only this vehicle and several others instead turned and drove into the group. The man who ended up on the hood of the car was standing there when the car drove into him. To anyone hung up on the term ‘peaceful’, I maintain that this was a nonviolent demonstration.”

“For those who know their history, this type of civil disobedience is not uncommon. By definition, ths type of protest is the nonviolent refusal to obey a law; in this case the group temporarily blckd traffic. Unlawful or not, nothing justifies driving into a group of humans,” Staab lectured.

Staab opined,” The amount of vitriol and hate expressed in these comments is distressing and speaks to so much more than this relatively small incident. Ask yourself: why are you so enraged by this?”

“I didn’t expect this 10 second clip to garner so much attention. I turned off my notifications last night and woke up to over 30 private messages and several death threats. Do better, folks,” Staab concluded, sharing screenshots.

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