Election Reform Bill Passed in the Georgia House of Representatives

Last week, we reported that the Georgia state Senate passed new legislature aimed at curbing potential fraud that will require a driver’s license number, state identification card number or a photocopy of an approved form of identification to vote absentee which then went to the state House for consideration.

Yesterday, Republican lawmakers approved similar legislation over the objection of Democrats and so-called civil rights groups that had gathered at the Capitol to protest.

House Bill 531 passed the lower legislative chamber by a vote of 97-72, which now goes to the state Senate for more debate.

That bill would require a photo ID for absentee voting, limit the amount of time voters have to request an absentee ballot, restrict where ballot drop boxes could be located and when they could be accessed, and limit early voting hours on weekends, among many other changes.

We reported yesterday that a mob of “insurrectionist” Democratic representatives occupied the state Capitol on Friday ahead of the bill and the scene outside the Capitol yesterday was similar.

Democratic State Rep Erick Allen can be seen in an AP video inciting the crowd by telling them “We will fight in here, you fight out here, and we will win!”

On Twitter, Democrats lobbed accusations at Republicans regarding the legislation.

Occupy Democrats founder Grant Stern claimed, “Georgia Republicans just passed the #HB531 Voter Suppression Act. That’s the GOP’s only policy now. If nobody votes, they win.”

The bill, does not, however, make it so that “nobody” can vote. Twitter has yet to put a label on the tweet for misinformation regarding elections.

Democratic State Rep Matthew Wilson insisted that “Voter suppression is white supremacy. #HB531 It’s that simple.”

The measure’s chief sponsor, Republican Rep Barry Fleming, explained that he believes “House Bill 531 is designed to begin to bring back the confidence of our voters back into our election system.”

It is clear that Democrats try everything they can to keep some of the voting procedures that were put in place during the pandemic and use identity politics to attempt to do so.