Wendy Rogers Endorses Teddy Daniels For Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Ahead of Tuesday’s Primary Election

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers endorsed Teddy Daniels for Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. today ahead of Tuesday’s primary election.

Daniels originally was running for Congress before pivoting to Lt. Gov., not long after he appeared at a rally where Doug Mastriano announced that he was running for governor.

Rogers announced in a two-part tweet, “I endorse Teddy Daniels @TeddyForPA for Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania.”

In addition, Rogers shared four photos of Daniels, one in his uniform, one with her, one with Mastriano, and one with the 45th President Donald Trump.

“Teddy is a wounded combat veteran and is very America First. He supports your guns, life, strong borders and election integrity,” Rogers explained.

Referencing recent negative articles against Daniels, Rogers pointed out that “He is being attacked by the Deep State and the Marxists which is why we know he is the right guy for the job.”

“Teddy won’t back down from a fight and will stand with the people of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” Rogers declared.

Rogers then urged, “Please join me in supporting Teddy Daniels today and get out and vote for Teddy on Tuesday.”

Daniels responded in a quote tweet of Rogers’ endorsement, “Thank you @WendyRogersAZ. Stay in the fight.”

Rogers also had endorsed Daniels in his bid for Congress and said in a two-part tweet last July, “I endorse Teddy Daniels for Congress. He is a retired police officer, a wounded combat veteran with distinguished service, and is a fighter. We need more conservative military fighters like Teddy in office who have loyalty to this country.”

“He was also a Division 1 football star and a successful businessman. Plus, he supported President Trump from the beginning. Please support Teddy Daniels, we need him now,” Rogers added.

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