Elon Musk Breaks Silence on Jordan Peterson Suspension, Signals Twitter has ‘Gone Too Far’ in Moderating ‘Dissenting Views’

Tesla boss and green energy pioneer Elon Musk has been back at it on Twitter, after a short break that many news outlets speculated about. Moderate right-wing conservatives appealed before and after his Twitter break, including Peterson’s daughter, after his recent suspension as we reported here:

Of course, Musk is not yet fully in charge of Twitter as the agonizingly complicated Twitter acquisition drags on. Many do expect Musk to be fully in charge of Twitter soon, while others remain skeptical. What folks who don’t pay attention to financial news often fail to understand, is that major buyouts like these don’t happen overnight.

Musk understands that and also the variables at play with a cooling stock market as the federal reserve increases interest rates to try and calm rampant inflation that we as Americans are grappling with on Joe Biden’s watch.

Although Musk hasn’t responded directly (unless we missed something) to the appeals for him to help Peterson, he did do a “drive-by” response signaling support for Peterson and others. @itsALLrisky tweeted to Musk:

“Same energy BTW, did you see that JBP was recently banned from the bird app? Strange times…”

Musk replied:

“Yeah, they’re going way too far in squashing dissenting opinions”

Although it’s unlikely Musk will lose his right-wing fans anytime soon, this may be seen as a milquetoast response by some. Musk is an admitted centrist though, and it should not really come as a surprise. People who support free speech don’t have to agree with everything to support their right to be able to say it in a town square setting such as Twitter.

It’s unclear what Peterson’s plans are, as he has said he doesn’t plan on kowtowing to Twitter by deleting the tweet. Meanwhile, Musk has a lot to juggle, and right-wingers waiting for free speech on Twitter may have hope, but should not hold their breath in our view. As we stated earlier, these things take time and are not simple or easy.

Peterson may have expected to get in trouble with Twitter and is perhaps trying to show Musk an example of things he may be able to tweak when he takes over, or perhaps Peterson is shocked and surprised. In our opinion and based on our observations, although many social media companies are left-leaning, it seems that Twitter in particular may have radical left-wing political activists in charge of moderation, without much in regard to checks and balances.

Many people have told us they have been temporarily or permanently banned on Twitter for seemingly no reason at all.

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter, has said this is a failure of the company. Facebook has stated that they may let Donald Trump back on their platform, depending on a review of his recent posts and statements, but Twitter has indicated he is permanently banned.

Elon Musk’s mother Maye, who also tweets a lot, seems to be a left-of-center moderate herself. We are speculating that after Musk’s Twitter break and during the Twitter takeover, he is trying to tweet less politically divisive things for a period of time to calm the waters in his world so to speak.

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