Elon Musk Implies that the Lack of Prosecution for Hunter Biden Shows Political Bias in the Justice System

Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk points to apparent political bias in the justice system as to why the Bidens haven’t faced any charges for the “crimes found on Hunter’s laptop”.

Twitter user @KanekoaTheGreat tweeted, “THREAD: Joe Biden was the architect of the 1994 Crime Bill that sent millions of Americans to prison for doing what his son is doing right here. Why aren’t the Bidens being prosecuted for the 459 fully documented crimes found on Hunter’s laptop?” With a video of Hunter Biden smoking crack and you can hear Joe Biden saying “he is the smartest man I know,” about his son.

Musk replied, “Unless I’m missing something, this appears to support the argument that there is political bias in the justice system. That is not to presume a guilty verdict or prison, but not bringing this to court at all is hard to explain.”

Many have wondered the same thing, why have no charges been brought against Hunter Biden? The laptop has been verified and it appears that there is much on the laptop that could be found as criminal. So why has it seemingly been ignored?

Some speculate, as Musk has, that it has to do with political bias. With Hunter’s father at the helm of the White House, many feel that he and all Bidens have been given a free pass.

Many feel that the government and judicial system has a clear bias. With Republicans in control of the House, there is now a Judiciary subcommittee tasked with investigating the weaponization of the federal government. U.S. House Rep Jim Jordan (R-OH) is the chairman of the committee and not wasting time in investigation.

Only time will tell what Jordan uncovers or if any charges will eventually befall the Bidens.

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  1. Politicians are only run out of office by ‘the press’. As long as simple citizens don’t change it, we’re to blame for it.
    I’m in favor of a a Decorate the National Forest Day.

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