CNN Contributor Adam Kinzinger Smugly Claims Donald Trump Deserves to be Arrested, ‘Assuming the Evidence is what it Seems’

CNN Contributor Adam Kinzinger believes it’s the right thing for Donald Trump to be charged. He voiced his thoughts on the matter on his Twitter account.

“An arrest of the former President is a sad day for our country. Assuming the evidence is what it seems, it’s the correct decision, nobody is above the law. But this should not be celebrated. It’s quite sad this man actually the front runner for the GOP”

Earlier today it came out that law enforcement agencies are preparing for a possible indictment of the former president in connection to Stormy Daniels. The possible indictment seems to be rumored as coming from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Braggs’s (D) office. Although we are not legal experts, in our opinion it seems that Bragg is attempting to elevate charges that would be considered misdemeanors to felony.

Kinziner was one of only two Republicans who took part in the January 6th committee, when he was a Congressman. He also voted in for impeaching the former president after January 6th. It seems that Kinzinger has it out for Trump in a big way. He is starting to sound a bit like U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), looking for Trump to be punished in some way.

Former counsel for Donald Trump, Jenna Ellis responded to Kinzinger:

“No one is below the law either. Weaponizing government against a political opponent is against the very fabric of America and THAT is why this is a sad day for our country. This is also why @Jim_Jordan’s @Weaponization Committee is critically important.”

Ellis was calling out what many views has been the weaponization of the U.S. Goverment against those who aren’t in power. U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is the chairman of the committee that is looking into the issue within the Government. We will see what Jordan is able to uncover with this committee.

Kinzinger and many others with Trump Derangement Syndrome are constantly calling for Trump to pay for what they see as misdeeds. They are convinced the former president did something that warrants some kind of criminal charge.

This type of rhetoric has plagued Trump since he announced his presidential run in 2015, but Trump has continued to come out on top so far after all the apparent witch hunts.

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