Elon Musk Taunts Bill Gates Again, this time for Previous Skepticism on Tesla Semi Truck as it Begins to Manifest

The Billionaire vs Billionaire feud between Elon Musk and Bill Gates is still alive and well. The pair take shots at one another every here and there.

Saturday Tesla CEO Elon Musk was asked, “I wonder what Bill Gates is saying bout his comment in the past that Tesla Semis will ‘Never Happen’?”

Musk answered, “He can drive it himself if he wants!”

The EPA green-lit deliveries of the Tesla Semi, granting Tesla a Certificate of Conformity. According to the EPA, “every class of heavy-duty engines/vehicles and non-road engines introduced into commerce in the US must have a Certificate of Conformity, and they are valid for only one model year of production.”

PepsiCo announced earlier in October that they were receiving their eclectic trucks. It appears that Tesla will start deliveries on December 1st.

Gates has been negative on Tesla overall it seems. Earlier this year texts between Elon Musk and Gates were shared and exposed that Gates held a short position of $500 million against Tesla.

Musk responded to Gates’s confirmation of his short with, “Sorry, but I cannot take your philanthropy on climate change seriously when you have a massive short position against Tesla the company doing the most to solve climate change”.

Musk trolled Gates with a post shortly after that:

“in case u need to lose a boner fast”

Before this Gats had written a blog post about electric vehicle transportation in August 2020. He wrote about Semi EV writing, “EVs excel at short-haul travel, That means they’re great options for personal cars and even medium-duty vehicles, like city buses and garbage trucks. But even if we develop cheap, long-range EVs that are powered by zero-carbon sources, electrification isn’t an option for many types of transportation.”

“The problem is that batteries are big and heavy. The more weight you’re trying to move, the more batteries you need to power the vehicle.” Gates added, “But the more batteries you use, the more weight you add—and the more power you need.”

He concluded, “Even with big breakthroughs in battery technology, electric vehicles will probably never be a practical solution for things like 18-wheelers, cargo ships, and passenger jets. Electricity works when you need to cover short distances, but we need a different solution for heavy, long-haul vehicles.”

Musk was asked what he thought about “Gates’s declarations referred to electric trucks?”

Musk answered with, “He has no clue”.

With deliveries of the EV Tesla semi green-lit by the EPA, this is great news for Tesla, we don’t anticipate that Gates will offer up any comments on the development.


  1. So what is the price tag on one of these EVSemis? No metion of that. Only giant corps can afford it. Not no Owner operator for sure. We can barely afford to fill up now! My last bill was $1059 to fill up.

  2. Gates isn’t half as smart as Musk, who isn’t half as smart as Trump.

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