Geraldo Rivera Goes off the Deep End, Suggests Donald Trump Withdraw from 2024 in Exchange for ‘Pardon’ from Joe Biden

Geraldo Rivera tweeted:

“In the spirit of Thanksgiving, former President Trump should announce that he is no longer a candidate for President; In that same spirit POTUS Biden should announce that Trump is pardoned for any and all federal offenses.”

With that, it seems Rivera has found a way to get under the skin of both those on the right and the left or at least given people something to laugh at.

Those on the left have salivated at the possibility of Trump getting punished in some way for anything. They have made up accusations against him since he announced his first run for president in 2015.

While president he faced two impeachments. Since he left the “witch hunt” hasn’t stopped. This summer the DOJ and FBI decided they would raid the former President’s Florida home, something that is quite out of the ordinary.

Trump was accused of taking documents with him when he left the White House the claim is, the documents should have gone to the National Archive. This isn’t the first time that a president took something with them that should have stayed behind, but it is the first time a former president has been raided.

The responses to Rivera’s tweet only highlight the thirst the left has to see Trump punished.

Twitter user @jbrdtrd replied, “In the spirit of justice, Donald Trump should be arrested for all any one of his crimes and automatically excluded from ever running for President again. Why Geraldo, should one man be allowed to freely commit crimes and get away with it?”

Jeff StMartin replied, “Who the hell do you think you are to put a proposal like this out there…again? He must be held accountable for the good of the country. Otherwise DeSantis,McCarthy, Hawley, MTG,Boebert will follow suit and take democracy down with them.”

Trump derangement syndrome is alive and well, it seems it has been given a booster with Trump’s announcement that he is seeking a second term. The ire from the left that Trump continues to draw seems to be part of what motivates him.

As the 2024 election cycle is already in motion we will see what else comes forth.


  1. Geraldo is a blackmailer like the rest of those dirty Demonrats. Fox needs to stop presenting the ideas of lunatics like Geraldo, Jessica Tarlov and Harold Ford as part of their culture.

  2. and yet ya’ll just leave Hillary Pelosi, Biden alone and completely ignore their treasonous acts?

  3. Geraldo has never been convincing playing the role of a republican.

  4. Perfect idea. Just bring false charges against all political opposition and then promise that if they just resign and never run for office or ever speak then all the charges will be dropped.

  5. This one had to be the result of a dozen bong hits. Mr. Rivers is deluded.

  6. When Geraldo, Maria Harf, and Juan Williams appear on Fox, I automatically turn off Fox. I know they need a token leftist on their programs but these three very rarely provide any insight.

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