#EmptySeatMagaTour Trends Despite Pics of HUGE Overflow Crowd at NH Trump Rally

After last night’s successful campaign-style rally at the SNHU Arena in Manchester New Hampshire, some on the left are pushing a narrative that the event didn’t fill up because of some short clips showing a few empty seats.

According to Heavy.com, the event was booked to capacity, with an 11,000 person crowd, and many more outside.

From Heavy.com:

Trump’s rally took place at the SNHU Arena in Manchester, NH on 555 Elm Street. The event started at 7 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, August 15, 2019. The maximum capacityfor the SNHU Arena is 11,770 for concerts and 11,140 for basketball events. Because too many people showed up and some had to stay in the overflow area, it’s safe to say  that far more than 11,000 people showed up for the rally tonight.

This narrative push from the left comes despite pictures posted on the official Donald J. Trump Facebook page and many more all over social media showing the huge overflow crowd outside, and many pictures showing a packed house on the inside as well.



Twitter user @A_Patriot45 responded to verified user Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) who posted a short MSNBC clip of the rally showing a handful of empty seats behind President Trump while he spoke. This is to imply that it wasn’t actually a capacity crowd after all.

@A_Patriot45 or ‘John’ gave a reasonable explanation as to why there might have been a few empty seats despite the booked to capacity crowd. He tweeted a comment along with crowd pics:


You guys trending this are bunch of MORONS. Taking photos TWO HOURS INTO THE RALLY. There is a food line and a bathroom. Also people leave early to beat traffic. Empty seat BULLSH**”


Some other tweets that can be found from the trending hashtag EmptySeatMagaTour (from Trump supporters AND haters:


I think it’s fairly easy for someone to determine for themselves what really went down last night. But there are always angry people on both sides. Ironic though, that at Elizabeth Warren’s recent event in the same State, the media blasted it as a success with ‘HUNDREDS’ of people. But Trump’s rally with well over 11,000 somehow shows that he’s not doing so hot.

The Boston Globe reports, ‘Elizabeth Warren is a hit in N.H’, WMUR.com says ‘Warren speaks to crowd of hundreds in Franconia’

700 to be exact. But who’s counting?