Even Jake Tapper Slams Dems Who Want Trump Supporters on a Blacklist

Liberal CNN host Jake Tapper called out the Democrat’s hypocrisy of calling for unity but at the same time writing down anyone who has worked for the Trump administration. 

Democratic Rep Cortez (D-NY) recently Tweeted how they should note who works for the President.

However, even Liberal CNN host Jake Tapper recognized the hypocrisy between the message of unity and of keeping track of all those who support the President. 

Jake Tapper retweeted a report of someone saying, “there are consequences for hiring anyone who helped Trump attack American value.” 

Tapper gave some analysis of that Tweet. 

This comes as a surprise as Tapper is known to be a Liberal activist. 

Joe Biden has recently been tweeting messages of unity and coming together as one nation following the media declaring him the winner of the election.

As you can see, two different messages are coming out from the Democrats. One seems to be about coming together and the other is about holding those who have worked for President Trump “accountable”. 

If the President can somehow win this election via legal battles despite most media outlets projecting Joe Biden president-elect, we will have to see whether Joe Biden’s message of unity remains. 

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