Video: America First Champion Jarome Bell Announces Comeback, Will Run for Virginia Congress in 2022

Navy Veteran Jarome Bell, who has been part of the growing group of America First Republican advocates around the nation is making a comeback. After not quite making the cut in the 2020 primary with Ben Loyola and Scott Taylor, which Taylor went on to lose by a slim margin, Bell has been gaining in popularity.

Using the basic concept that Americans should be put first and that special interest groups and cheap foreign labor lobbyists don’t deserve a seat the table of Republican candidates, people are taking notice.

Jarome and other candidates like him are beginning to get under the skin of not only Democrats but establishment Republicans. After National File released a story earlier, we caught up with Jarome ourselves to hear from him about what he wants you to know.

In the video, Jarome says he wants to help take back America from the establishment and the “communist” Democrats. He told us he wasn’t sure if he was going to run after President Trump was censored on social media, but that it got under his skin, and after people asked him, he decided to make a comeback and continue to advocate for the people.

“Campaigns are all about money, it’s all about raising money so we can do TV commercials, so we can do print ads, we can do mail, we can do ads, so a lot of money goes into a campaign” he added. You can donate to Jarome here, or find him on Facebook under Jarome Bell for Virginia and Twitter @JaromeBellVA.


Frankie Stokes from National File reported in part:

Bell supports voter ID laws, and highlighted their use – at the behest of the United States – in countries like Afghanistan, as well as a transition to paper ballots and the restoration of traditional in-person voting.

As for taking on the radical left and holding the political establishment accountable, Bell says that he will face them head-on, taking the grassroots for fight for the American people straight to Washington.

“I’m not the P.C. guy, I’m not the guy that’s going to just lay down and take orders because you’re the boss,” said Bell. “The leadership either needs to change or get tougher. That’s what I’m going to take to Washington, D.C….Toughness, an outsider, and I really don’t care what they think about me, but they’re going to know I’m here for the people.”

Stay tuned to Media Right News and Jarome on his platforms for additional updates.

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