FAIL: David Perdue Appears Giddy to Keep Senate so Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell Can Compromise ‘Better than Pelosi and Trump’

As we previously stated in earlier pieces, as a right-leaning opinion website, we would personally like to see the GOP keep the US Senate. But that being said, many are rightfully questioning the process with righteous indignation.

There are many questions lingering about the 2020 presidential election as President Trump continues to withstand calls to concede, about potential voter fraud. Georgians are questioning if the process itself is being done fairly.

Conservative Americans around the nation are wondering why Republican electeds aren’t fighting harder for Donald Trump, or to stop mass immigration legislation.

Meanwhile, it falls on David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler to make their re-election cases in the Georgia Senate runoff that could decide the fate of the power balance in the United States.

In the video below, David Perdue hints at how he thinks if the GOP keeps the Senate that Mitch McConnell will do a better job negotiating with a Joe Biden presidential administration than President Trump has done negotiating with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Whether or not there is any truth to it, this is not the way to win the election.

The question is being posed by some as to whether or not Loeffler and Perdue are even trying. Republicans right now want to hear about how potential voter fraud is being exposed and fought against, not about negotiating with Joe Biden.

In our view, this is an abject failure. If the GOP loses the Senate it will be clear as to why. Ali Alexander tweeted this video with the caption:

“This is going to depress GOP turnout in Georgia. I’m just in shock. Can’t seem to get the GOP, NRSC, RNC to stop this race to the bottom. #GAsen Call me @Perduesenate @KLoeffler. Save yourselves! Save the country!”

Yesterday we reported about the similarly tone-deaf and possibly worse take by House Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) in part:

“Republican” US House Rep (TX) Dan Crenshaw has taken a lot of flak over recent years for not being quite so Republican. When he was initially elected he came off as a rock star. Eye patch, military veteran, and a guy who looked and sounded the part, many had high hopes for this ‘renegade’ type politician.

But as time went by, his true colors started to come out. After siding with Nancy Pelosi on the removal of Washington DC historical monuments, suggesting ‘Red Flag’ gun laws as a good opportunity to find common ground with Democrats, and being overall weak on conservative views, many are getting hip to the con.

Crenshaw though, apparently has an ego bigger than President Trump’s private jet, and doesn’t seem to take criticism very well, or think that making his constituents mad is a problem. Well, Twitter has news for him tonight, it’s a problem.

As you may well know, Georgia and the GOP there has a predicament. They need to re-elect US Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. As a right-leaning publication, we ultimately agree that re-electing them is the best thing to do.

Getting that out of the way though, Republicans are mad, and rightfully so, and should not be ignored. Nor can the right assume that Republicans will show up to vote if they are not listened to. Whether right or wrong, the Republican base in Georgia and around the nation wants to see the GOP fight harder for President Trump, stop using pandering tactics like the left, and stand up to immigration bills that hurt US workers in the eyes of many.

The GOP in Georgia isn’t doing a good enough job of that. Lin Wood, a lawyer who has been helping President Trump attempt to uncover voter fraud has been a major conduit of that anger. Whether you agree with him or not, attacking him is not the way to the voter’s heart. Crenshaw learned this the hard way tonight on Twitter when he was severely ratioed after taking a major potshot at Lin Wood.

Wood has become somewhat of a hero for Trump supporters and it goes beyond your average run of the mill everyday politics. This is about Donald Trump and about American patriots who truly love their country and don’t want it to be wrecked in the name of corporate profits.

Although electing Republicans is indeed important for Republicans, it seems Crenshaw was missing the bigger picture when he tweeted out:

“Lin Wood is a Democrat that wants Republicans to self-destruct. Just because he wears a MAGA hat does not mean he shares a single value with you. He just wants your donations for his legal fees. He’s a grifter. VOTE IN GEORGIA. PROTECT THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF THE LAST 4 YEARS.”

We will keep you updated as things progress with this situation.