Dan Crenshaw Gets Wrecked on Twitter Over Apparent Pro-War Positions While President Trump Wants Troops Brought Home


U.S. Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) has recently come out with what I and most Americans see as an ignorant statement. After hearing the news of President Trump keeping his campaign promise of bringing our troops home from these endless and costly wars in the middle east he said it won’t be good for “American security”. 

For 20 years we have been sending our brave soldiers to die for no reason. While yes a response after 9/11 was appropriate, Osama Bin Laden is dead and many others responsible. It is almost 20 years later and some still see the need to be there. 

He defended his statement on Twitter. 

It is funny to see him cite not having another 9/11 even though there wouldn’t have been one if we weren’t over there in the first place in the eyes of many. Some have argued that the entire reason for 9/11 was they hated us for being on their sand. Why didn’t they attack Italy or France in 2001? It’s because France and Italy aren’t sending their troops to go occupy the Middle East. 

Some would feel resisting foreign occupation is a natural thing and despite the middle east’s many issues, it isn’t our job to stay there forever.

Many took to Twitter to attack Rep. Crenshaw. 

As you can see many on the right are sick and tired of having to pay financially and with the lives of their loved ones to act as the global police. 

We must pray for the end of these endless wars. 

Dan Crenshaw has taken heat from America First Republicans before. Recently he voted with Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat House Speaker from California to remove confederate monuments in DC.

He has also signaled support for red flag laws in the recent past, although he as somewhat back-walked it after major backlash from fellow Republicans. This might beg the question to some if he even is a true Republican, or perhaps a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Previously we reported on Dan’s political backstabbing monument vote:

‘Republican’ House Rep Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) is choosing to side with Nancy Pelosi and has voted for removing Confederate history. Somehow, he is justifying this by concocting some wacky talking point that many Confederates were Democrats as if somehow that makes it any better to be removing our nation’s heritage, culture, and history.

Many people will be shocked by this news and may not even want to believe that Republican Dan has turned on his own. But read his own words from his Blue-Check verified Facebook Page:

“Republicans won the civil war. That’s our history.

Democrats have a long list of segregationists & KKK members. That’s their history.

I’m glad to help them confront that racist past & voted to remove these Democrat statues from positions of prominence.”

Instead of standing up and fighting to preserve all of our nation’s history, many weak-kneed Republicans have weakly ceded ground using this spineless talking point that somehow it’s a problem with the Democrats, including House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Time will tell if Crenshaw’s apparent shift to the left will draw him a primary challenger in the near future.

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