Fired Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Reportedly Helping Caitlyn Jenner Run for California Governor

It appears Brad Parscale, former Trump campaign manager is advising Caitlyn Jenner on a possible California Governor run. Jenner is also reported to be meeting with GOP fundraiser Caroline Wren.

“Caitlyn Jenner is getting advice from ex-Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale on a possible California governor bid”

correspondent for NYTimes Maggie Haberman first reported on in Parscale helping with Jenner’s campaign after Axios broke the story on her possible run for governor.

“Re axios story Caitlin Jenner possibly running for gov, Brad Parscale – who is said to have known Jenner for several years – is advising her on building her team. He is not the campaign manager but providing guidance on who to fill specific roles. Caroline Wren is said to be involved in the Jenner effort. Wren is a former Trump campaign official who helped with Mark Meadows/CPI event this weekend that overlaps with RNC retreat.”

Jenner and Parscale have known each other for a few years it is being reported that Parscale is just helping a friend. Jenner a Tump supporter voted for Trump in 2016 and is has said, “[Trump] would be very good for women’s issues.” However, after the White House announced a ban on most transgender people serving in the military Jenner seemed to walk back her support of Trump. Jenner later wrote, “Sadly, I was wrong The reality is that the trans community is being relentlessly attacked by this president.”

There is currently a recall effort being brought forth in California to recall Gavin Newsom from his position. Jenner is well known and an Olympian as a television personality, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It appears Jenner is working with Wren and Jenner to get her campaign rolling.

Carolina Wren is a GOP fundraiser who worked under Kimberly Gilfoyle at Trump Victory, a fundraising committee for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign.

Parscale became Trump’s campaign manager in February 2018. Before this, he was Trump’s digital guru and helped Trump win his election in 2016. Parscale stepped down as senior advisor in September of 2020.

Californians appear to be read for a change in leadership Gavin Newsome has rubbed many the wrong way with his lockdowns he himself has chosen not to follow as we previously reported.

“Fox News Host Tucker Carlson blasted Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom for the apparent breaking of his own COVID-19 guidelines. The Governor was spotted attending a birthday dinner in one of the most expensive restaurants with 11 other people. This was a violation of his Coronavirus restrictions. 

Newsom said they were outdoors but there were spotted eating indoors. In the video below Tucker goes deep into Newsom for his hypocrisy. 

Unlike Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Newsom apologized for breaking his own rules in a press conference yesterday. 

As you can see Newsom was not socially distant and didn’t have a mask on. However, he requires people in the state to wear a mask in their car if they are driving with someone who isn’t in the same household as them.”

In 2003 California recalled then Gov. Gray Davis who was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger. We will see what becomes of the recall effort and Jenner’s potential run.

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