FL AG Ashley Moody Doubles Down, Defends Republicans Amid Immigrant Crisis

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody on “Fox & Friends First” Friday morning defended sending illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. She also decried Democrats’ “willful ignorance”.

During the interview, criticizes those at the top leading the country saying, “These leaders, their preferred way to address this is to sit on high, issue edicts and opinions, deny there’s a crisis, deny Americans are dying at record rates every single day because the border is open and there’s fentanyl.”

“We can tell you there’s a crisis. I’ve offered, as you know, sworn testimony from the border chief that said this crisis is unprecedented. It’s endangering American lives, the lives of migrants,” she added.

She then explains they are just bringing the border to those who won’t acknowledge the problem. “But they’re going to ignore that. They’re going to deceive people. They lie about that. So what else are we supposed to do but take the border to them since they won’t come to the border. Biden won’t go. Kamala Harris won’t go.” 

She ends her comments with some harsh words about those in leadership, “So, they should see what’s going on. So they have to address their willful ignorance or calculated evil, whatever it is.”

Vice President Kamala Harris keeps telling herself and the rest of the world that our southern border is secure. She just used those words on Sunday while on “Meet the Press”. Since then illegal immigrants were dropped off in front of her residence showing a little glimpse of how not secure the border is.

The number of illegal immigrant encounters at the southern border has skyrocketed over the past two years. we are approaching 2 million for this fiscal year.

Bringing the border to the Democrats who want to ignore the problem has them up in arms. Governor of Califonia Gavin Newsom (D) wants to see kidnapping charges brought against Ron Desantis for relocating illegal immigrants.

Texas, Arizona, and Florida have all relocated illegal immigrants to areas that are sanctuaries for illegal immigrants and only have moved a small number of the hoards coming across the border.

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