FL Agricultural Commissioner Attacks Ron DeSantis in Op-Ed Calling Him an Autocrat, David Hogg Jumps Onboard

 Florida Commissioner of Agriculture, Nikki Fried (D), seemingly despises Governor of the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis (R). Sunday she released on Op-Ed in Spanish in the el Nuevo Herald comparing DeSantis to Fidel Castro and Nicolás Maduro. The piece was then picked up on Monday and translated to English by the Miami Herald.

“Under Ron’s regime, if you don’t support him or his party, he seeks to stop you from voting. If you disagree with him, he will use his authority to silence him. And if you dare to protest or speak out against you, you better be prepared to end up behind bars.” Reads the tweet from her personal Twitter page.

She tweeted the same article with a different caption from her Commissioner Nikki Fried account with a much less threatening caption. “Holding the power of his office, Governor DeSantis has implemented measures to erode the freedom and rights of Florida voters and businesses.”

Former Good Pillow shareholder and advocate David Hogg endorsed Fried’s article, “If you want to know the very real threat Ron DeSantis (or as I call him Ron Death and Taxes) is to Floridian and American democracy this Op-Ed from @nikkifried is a good place to start:”

The article begins, “He doesn’t want you to vote, doesn’t want you to protest and doesn’t even want you to disagree with him. I’m not describing the leader of a communist country, I’m talking about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.” Fried then claims that DeSantis has, “eroded the liberty and rights of his constituents and businesses in the Sunshine State…undermined the media.”

Fried then hits at the clemency act blaming DeSantis for not allowing felons to vote before their court fines are paid back in full, calling it a suppression of voter rights. She then took to more voting legislation, she claimed, “DeSantis prioritized legislation adding hurdles to vote-by-mail and originally sought to ban ballot drop boxes.”

That is when she starts to make a comparison to Latin American leaders. “From Nicolás Maduro’s actions to undermine Venezuela’s electoral process and suppress votes, to Daniel Ortega’s moves to intimidate and confuse voters in Nicaragua, tactics to limit voting has been widespread in South American regimes. Voter suppression is a slippery slope that ends only with injustice.” she decries.

She continues on and even makes a comparison to Fidel Castro. Fried concludes her Op-Ed with, “Under DeSantis’ “regime,” if you don’t support him or his party, he wants to stop you from voting. If you disagree with him, he’ll use his authority to silence you. And if you dare protest and speak out, be prepared to end up behind bars.”

Fried has hinted at running for Governor of Florida in 2022 but claims, “we’re not there yet”. She has talked about a possible run with MSNBC Joy Reid telling Reid she is “very close”. According to Florida Politics Fried chided DeSantis for taking to “national stages”, ironically while she herself was on a nationally broadcasted program.

It seems clear in our view Nikki Fried is trying her best to present herself as the anti-DeSantis, and it would come as no surprise to anyone if she runs against DeSantis in 2022, for Governor of Florida. It could be hard for her to win, as it seems that DeSantis approval ratings are on the rise in the state, over his handling of Covid-19. In March a poll released showed him up 8 points over the last poll from July of 2020 on approval rating, coming in at 53% approval.

DeSantis just suspended all local Covid emergency mandates as of July 1st. Many people are ready to get back to their lives as they are fatigued over lockdowns and mask mandates.

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