Former Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone Tells Jim Acosta That He Wants Trump Arrested and Tried

Today on Jim Acosta’s CNN weekend news program, he interviewed former Capitol Police Officer Michael Fanone.

Fanone gave Acosta the red meat that he was looking for as he told the former White House correspondent that he wants the 45th President Donald Trump arrested and tried.

“If Donald Trump there’s probable cause to suggest that he committed these crimes, which I think we’ve seen ample probable cause, he should be arrested,” Fanone declared.

Fanone added, “The case should be put before a grand jury and if they indict him, he should be tried.”

Prior to that, Fanone said “damaging Trump and his political ability” wasn’t enough for him and “most Americans” who want to restore the “credibility” of the Department of Justice.

Fanone also admitted that he doesn’t have “the highest of hopes” that Attorney General Merrick Garland will take action.

Democrats and those in the media appear to be increasing their calls now for Trump to be arrested and face a trial.

As we previously reported, U.S. Sen Brian Schatz (D-HI) recently declared in a tweet, “I think we have plenty of evidence of criminal conduct now.”

Laurence Tribe, a Harvard law professor who once taught Garland, also appeared on CNN and predicted that his former student would ultimately indict Trump.

Such an indictment would certainly be a throw down of the gauntlet and would be something that none of Trump’s Attorney Generals’ ever did in regards to Hillary Clinton or former President Barack Obama, despite many Republicans believing there was ample evidence against both.