Former Gas Station Manager Who was Fired Over Pricing Mistake Fundraises Enough to Cover $20,000 Loss, Hasn’t Gotten His Job Back

Last week, the gas price at one Rancho Cordova gas station was set to .69 cents for about 3 hours. Gas Station Manager John Szczecina made this error while setting pricing and didn’t catch the decimal point being off at the time.

Many people took advantage of the pricing error, filling up their vehicles and letting their friends and family know about the unbelievable low price. The error cost the gas station between $16,000-$20,000 according to reports.

Szczecina was fired for the mistake, and his sister started a GoFundMe to help John raise funds to cover the loss. As of today, they have raised over $24,000 according to the page.

Szczecina owned up to the error and told The Washington Post, “I immediately thought we had gotten robbed and was scared that something terrible had happened to the cashiers.” He later said, “Even though it cost me my job, it’s fine. Because the truth is, you know, it’s my fault.”

According to the GoFundMe, it appears that Szczecina may also face a lawsuit.

His humble response seems to have motivated many people to come to his aid, donating to the fundraiser. Over a thousand people have donated and their comments vary as to why.

Sylvia Farrington wrote, “Thanks for setting the example! Maybe the mistake helped some people who truly needed a break that day perhaps to get to work, or for a personal emergency……even if it was just one person!”

Nadmid Tsevegsuren wished him good luck with his new career, “An honest man deserves help, good luck your new career”.

Darryl Triche shared, “I don’t know you, but I know an honest man when presented with one. As well, I hope the station owner sees what a blessing it is to have an honest man working for him, and rightfully offers you your job back.”

Debbie Wright believes firing him was the wrong way to handle the situation writing, “We own a company with 20 employees. We have never fired an employee for making an honest mistake. The company should be ashamed and the people that bought the gas knowing something wasn’t right should be ashamed as well.”

Szczecina interviewed with Inside Edition, at the conclusion of the segment Szczecina was asked if this was a stunt and if he did it on purpose. Szczecina replied, “Oh no no no, not at all”.

It is refreshing to see people come behind and support a man who has been humble and owned up to his mistake. We hope to see Szczecina do well whatever comes next for him.

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