Former NFL Star Who Supported Obama Flips, Predicts Huge Black Support for Trump in 2020


Jack Brewer is a former NFL safety who played for the Vikings, Giants, Eagles, and Cardinals. The African American athlete once campaigned on behalf of Barack Obama. His outlook has completely changed. He thinks, among many other things, the FBI has been corrupt in the way they’re going after President Trump, and compared him to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Fox News reports that he now rejects the Democratic Party after “awakening” to the way it abandoned African Americans. He is predicting a “black awakening” that could lead to President Trump getting what would be an unprecedented 20% or more of the black vote in 2020. See the video below:

Fox News reported in part:

Brewer now leads the The Brewer Group, which encourages “a deep commitment to community service into … daily corporate culture.”

Brewer also expressed frustration with the 1994 crime bill, a point of contention others have raised surrounding former Vice President Joe Biden’s relationship with the black community.

“I said enough was enough,” he added, “and I really started putting aside what my parents and my grandparents taught me about sticking to the Democratic Party because they were the party for African Americans.”

“You know all that rhetoric sounded good back in the ’60s, but the facts are that the policies just don’t help our families,” Brewer said.

This wave has been picking up steam as black social media celebs like David J. Harris Jr. and Candace Owens call for black Americans to walk away from the Democrat party. In a tweet below that was retweeted by the president, “David J Harris Jr” on Twitter posted a video of himself on an airplane displaying a banner to passengers on the flight highlighting shamelessly his support for President Trump in 2020. See tweet video below:

During the 2016 election, the stigma for black folks to vote for Trump was strong, and it still is. That being the case, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Republicans and black Trump supporters that this stigma may be breaking up. Recently President Trump retweeted a black American who said he lost many of his friends for supporting Trump in 2016 but has gained many of them back now, as they are starting to see things the way he does. He tweeted “@realDonaldTrump, I lost 90% of my friends of color, more than half of them are back and are supporting @POTUS 100%.” See tweet below:

Although it is hard for Republican to crack the minority vote, many believe there is a new time where people are coming around, not to pandering but to the fact that the Republican party is better for all people when true Republican values are instituted, including family values, a great economy, and preservation of culture and heritage Americans.

Most of all, putting Americans before other countries and illegal immigrants is something that African Americans are more likely to start taking as a talking point for themselves and their families. This is something that the Democrat party is probably afraid of and they will do anything to distort the narrative back in their favor if it means keeping their vote counts high.

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