Joy Reid Calls Iraq Embassy Attack Trump’s Benghazi, Trump Jr. Fires Back

Bizpacreview reported today on an outrageous claim the recent scuffle at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq was “Trump’s Benghazi”, comparing it to the time the U.S. Embassy was attacked under Barack Obama’s presidency. Hillary Clinton received a lot of the blame then as secretary of state for the deaths of four Americans. Reid fired off a retweet from @RealPressSecBot and captioned it: “As Trump’s Benghazi unfolds in Iraq…”. See the tweet below:

Unlike Benghazi, although this scuffle was started because of an American response to a U.S. contractor being killed in Iraq, the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Iraq led to no deaths. The retweet by Joy Reid was an attempt to paint President Trump as being sidetracked, distracted, or not paying attention to the attack though. That too, was a misfire on Reid’s part, as the ONE tweet she retweeted was actually unrelated to but surrounded by other tweets by President Trump pertaining to the situation over in the middle east. During that same time frame President Trump also posted:

Donald Trump Jr. (and others) caught this ridiculous accusation by MSNBC host Joy Reid and decided to fire back saying, “Trump’s Benghazi” was handled with decisive action, like an actual leader would respond. The response (since they actually bothered to respond, unlike Obama/Crooked) was really the anti-Benghazi response! You’re welcome”.

Donald Trump Jr. was referring to former Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton by “Crooked” after Obama/Crooked in the tweet, clearly. It seems Joy Reid perhaps opened up a can she didn’t want to open. Some other tweets fired off by Jr. in regards to the same topic can be seen below as well:

In the age of Twitter, it’s a tough time when you make what many conservatives appear to see as a major social faux pas by Reid. Other icons put their brand name on the disapproval of her disproportionate slam on the President, in a time when there is the ever-increasing appearance of anti-Trump partisanship, regardless of the true details of every individual situation. U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham fired off a string of tweets regarding the attack and warning Iran as covered here in the Bizpacreview piece, including an ominous warning to Iran to “be careful what you wish for.

There were also many other tweet responses to Reid littered throughout Twitter as the hashtag #TrumpsBenghazi trended this morning. Some leftists took the time to attempt to echo Joy Reid’s weak correlations to the actual Benghazi situation years back, while others fired back in a similar way to that of Trump Jr.’s response. President Trump himself also at one point actually tweeted out: “The Anti-Benghazi” in one short post:

Some of the conservative responses to Joy Reid can be seen below, one including a clip where Hillary Clinton wrongfully blamed the Benghazi attack on an “internet video”:

One Twitter user seemed to try and correlate Joy Reid even making the comparison with her implied acknowledgment that the original Benghazi attack was indeed as horrible as it was, despite some attempting to downplay blame that was shifted onto the Obama/Hillary leadership back then. The tweet asks a simple question, “So was the original… “Obama’s Benghazi” or “Hillary’s Benghazi?”, as can be seen below.

One angry Twitter user even responded to Joy Reid with a satirical meme picturing the four Americans who died during the Benghazi attack. This shows the outrage caused and provoked by Reid and how the original tweet by Joy might have been better had she never pressed the send button. The meme depicts the American heroes who died in 2012 defending themselves against enemies for hours at the U.S. Embassy before finally being killed because of a slow response from the United States at the time. The meme says, “How I wish Trump was President when these men called for help”. See below:

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