Fresno County GOP and Fresno State College Republicans Condemn Newly-Elected ‘RINO’ Congressman David Valadao After Trump Impeachment Vote

Newly elected U.S. House Rep David Valadao (R-CA) just recently took the place of Democrat T.J. Cox as we previously reported. This was to the likely dismay of Nancy Pelosi, who, while she was able to keep her Speakership and Democrat House Majority, lost many seats in the 2020 election.

Republicans worked hard to get Valadao over the finish line and were thrilled to flip a blue seat red in California. Not long after though, it was revealed that he wasn’t much of a Republican.

Some may argue that it’s the best you’re going to get in a swing district in California. But many may not have known he was an advocate for DACA amnesty as we reported here. When we reported that, it could have been taken as a red flag for Republicans who helped to get Valadao over the finish line. Something of a “keep an eye on this guy” so to speak.

Well indeed, if you were a follower of Media Right News, and did keep an eye on Valadao, you would not have been quite as surprised as others might have been when he voted to impeach President Trump just after Valadao took office.

We reported:

Well, it looks like we were right again. Republican David Valadao was just sworn into California’s 21st Congressional District as U.S. House Rep to replace Democrat T.J. Cox. We predicted that he would not be much further right than a Democrat when we reported previously that he supported some amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Even though Valadao was just sworn in, he has already joined with the Democrats to be one of the ten Republicans voting to impeach President Donald Trump, just as he is on his way out of office anyway. This is seen to many as kicking a man while he is down so to speak.

President Trump has called for peace, and a peaceful transition, but it seems Democrats and some who just don’t like President Trump want to tarnish him forever and make it impossible for him to run for president in the future. Meanwhile, some banks and businesses have stopped doing business with Trump after some Trump supporters apparently stormed the U.S. Capitol Building recently.

Now, the Fresno State College Republicans on Twitter (we are not sure how established this group is) has posted a condemnation from themselves, and also from the actual Fresno County GOP. The college group, told to us by a source to be a newly formed group of young America First champions, took the time to call out Valadao’s hypocrisy.

“The College Republicans at Fresno State are saddened to see, and strongly condemn Congressman David Valadao for voting to impeach President Trump.

In the face of a summer of political violence, erasure of national history, election fraud, unprecedented censorship, and the prospects of our political opponents opening a domestic “war on terror” against President Trump and his law abiding supporters, our party must remain a united front.” They said in part. Read the whole thing below:

The GOP also released a statement “strongly condemning” Valadao for voting to impeach President Trump. In their letter they claim that Trump has been “essential to the success of the Republican party” and that his vote was a “slap in the face to those who worked on or donated to the congressman’s recent campaign”. Read the full letter below:

In our last story, we speculated that there may be some pushback from Republicans who helped Valadao, and it looks like we were right again. We reported:

Meanwhile, the GOP will have to determine how they view Valadao going forward. Are they going to be the anti-Trump pro-amnesty party, or will there be pushback on this type of action in the Republican party? Many Trump supporters are done voting for soft ‘RINOs’ and only want America First candidates who are strong on border security and other things President Trump ran in in 2016.

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