‘Republican’ Who Flipped US House Seat Red Already Betrayed Base, Supports Amnesty for ALL DACA Immigrants

We reported back on November 27th that a late reporting election for a swing US House district in California flipped red to Nancy Pelosi’s dismay. David Valadao was the winner, shocking Democrats and further fueling the discussion of “how exactly did Joe Biden win?” when so many Republicans took back power in the 2020 election.

Not good for Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: David Valadao just flipped a US House seat in California from blue to red. Life News reported:

“BREAKING: Republican David Valadao wins election to U.S. House in California’s 21st Congressional District, beating incumbent pro-abortion Democrat Rep. T.J. Cox.”

Now it appears as though David Valadao is already betraying his base. Although the idea of caring about ‘DREAMers’ seems noble, it is actually an Obama era program to give a path to amnesty to illegal immigrants brought here by their parents in many cases.

The only problem with this is that although many are surely great people, a large majority of immigrants, legal or illegal tend to vote Democrat. This is beyond the discussion of whether or not DACA is even or should even be legal, which we believe it is not in our view.

It’s amazing how fast Valadao turned on his own party, in fact, it was done in plain sight before he was even elected, but many probably missed it, or had no choice but to support him over the Democrat. Many Republicans may argue in favor of his actions, but many Republicans also don’t do their research, to see what turned California permanently Democrat in the first place.

David Valadao recently tweeted about one ‘DREAMER’ in particular, to make it more personal and harder for emotional people to want to go against his stance. Often it’s not really about compassion with politicians though, in our view.

Many times it’s about repaying favors for large donors who need more immigration for cheap labor, or who ultimately want to help more Democrats get elected. Many may disagree, and these are our opinions based on data we’ve researched, including Pew Research stats about how immigrants tend to vote. Valadao tweeted:

“Wendi is a DREAMER who has only ever known the United States of America. It’s her home. I’m proud to be champion for Wendi and all DREAMers. #CA21:

Meanwhile the Senate Republicans have been weak on helping President Trump attempt to investigate what he believes to be fraud that happened in the 2020 presidential election, and an immigration bill bad for American workers just flew through the Senate with no opposition.

It’s tough to tell Republican voters to show up over and over to vote for people who continuously ignore and abandon the very reasons why they were elected in the first place. It’s funny that many Republicans these days call themselves Conservative when they seem to be conserving absolutely nothing but their own self-interests.

It also lends to another question, did a US House seat actually really even get flipped?