Fulton County GA Gets Closer to an Audit, Five Members of Election Board Added to Lawsuit

Fulton County, Georgia is getting closer to an audit of the 2020 presidential election vote count as five members of the Fulton County election board have been added to an election-related lawsuit.

“BREAKING #Election2020 ‘Huge victory’: Judge names members of Fulton election board in lawsuit; ballot audit will proceed.”

Thursday, a Georgia judge handed down an order that named five members of the Fulton County, Georgia election board as respondents to a lawsuit regarding the election results. This may lead the way for an audit to take place in the largest county in Georgia with more than a million residents.

This comes as the Arizona audit is expected to release its findings as soon as next week with Republicans hoping to prove that voter fraud did occur in the state. If it can be proved, it will lead way for more audits to take place in states like Georgia.

Fulton County includes the deep-blue city of Atlanta which was able to help Biden in the state though some say it was ground-zero for voter fraud. Though Republican Attorney General of Georgia Brad Raffensperger seemed doubtful of fraud occurring in the state when Trump was pressing claims of it happening in December and January.

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