Furious Leftist Dan Rather Implies Democrat Americans Need Their Own Platform Amid Musk Twitter Takeover: ’If You Build it They Will Come’

Saturday morning Dan Rather proclaimed that a lot of people will move to a “better Twitter”. Many leftists, upset over Elon Musks’ acquisition of Twitter are distraught over the whole thing. Some are promising they are done with Twitter.

Rather shared:

“Seems like a lot of people would move to a better Twitter. If you build it they will come.”

It seems with the last line of his tweet, which is the infamous line from Field of Dreams, Rather is calling on someone to build leftists their own Twitter. They want to have an echo chamber and don’t want to be bothered by seeing something that may offend their soft sensibilities, at least this is our speculation from the reaction of many on Twitter.

Thursday as Musk was taking over Rather shared:

“With this Twitter thing maybe changing considerably. a question I am asking: Should I stay or should I go now? If I go, there will be trouble And if I stay it will be double So come on and let me know Should I stay or should I go?”

Taking the latter half of his tweet from a song by The Clash. Rather has 2.7million followers on Twitter and enjoys sharing his viewpoints with them. He is very outspoken and is definitely on the left side of things.

It was announced that Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey is testing a new social media platform called Bluesky. This may be the thing Rather is looking for.

Musk has only shared that he wants an open exchange of ideas. That Twitter is a Townsquare of sorts, people shouldn’t be banned for a difference of opinion, as they have been very much so on Twitter in the past.

This is a new chapter in the Twitterverse and those who proclaim they are leaving just may find themselves back in no time.


  1. Another Liberal platform won’t matter, Danny Boy. The problem isn’t that your side is silenced. The problem is that you can’t silence our side anymore. 100 Leftist platforms won’t matter because we’ll be heard on Twitter and Truth. Poss off you shameful shill old codger.

    1. They’ve HAD their own platforms this entire time. So, conservatives built their own platforms, which have been very successful. Now, we’re taking the Leftist’s platforms as well. That’s called a movement, Danny Boy. It’s a glorious day, and it’s happening right ahead of the midterms so Dems can’t rig another election outcome.

  2. Build it then you leftist twit.

  3. Just go, Dan. Anywhere out of sight. There are enough leftists out there telling lies.

  4. We nee a separation,yes a separation of Dan from the tit media show.

  5. “Build their own platform” — is this like building their own radio talk shows that always fail?

  6. “If you build it, they will come.” Just as flies will come to doggy doo in the gutter.

  7. I watched you for many years Dan, so my advice to you today is to fade back into obscurity because you no longer hold any sway or clout as you once did when you were hosting 60 minutes. I actually believed you were a Conservative Patriot. Boy was I wrong, because it turns out your are one serious POS !!!

  8. What Dan Notratherbright ignores is democrats build nothing with their own funds. Only with tax monies. Besides, democrat users won’t participate unless it is parasitic.

  9. Just like liberals a their successful talk radio stations, got them NOWHERE!!!!!!! and NOBODY Cared!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey dan. heard you tried calling cnn+ for a interview but the phone was disconnected. Huh? Maybe they will get back to you, ah not likely.

  11. Build it and they will come. Yeah Dan, all 6 of them with their really big mouths.

  12. Now the biggest liar in the Universe, Dan Rather, wants his own platform and wants all his lying Allies to join him. The ignorance of that lying idiot is astounding.

  13. I agree with Mr. Blather. Libtards should be trelegated to their own little sub-basement of the internet. There, they can wallow together in their own misery, frustration, and hatred.

  14. Go Dan go I thought we were shed of you

  15. Dan start a 12 step group for ex-news anchors, you all can sit in a circle and lie to each other. Ween you off the road apples over time. You can Oh and Ah each other. Then turn the cable news on and agree how you would have done it better.

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