Gov Ron DeSantis Met With Thunderous Applause from Crowd at Florida vs Georgia Football Game

Ron DeSantis has had a busy schedule this weekend. The first lady of Florida shared a video of her family walking onto the Florida Gator’s field today. The crowd erupted in thunderous applause as the Governor took to the field with his family.

Casey DeSantis tweeted:

“Today’s crowd in Jacksonville was fired up to see America’s Governor kick off the Florida-Georgia game! Mason, Madison and I had a blast joining dad!”

Gov. DeSantis was there to do the coin flip for the Florida-Georgia game. The crowd was happy to see their governor in Jacksonville. DeSantis is well-liked in Florida and for many has done a wonderful job as governor since he took over.

Florida Gators lost to the Georgia Bull Dogs 20-42.

DeSantis was then off to Long Island, NY to stump for NY gubinatorial candidate Lee Zeldin.

Zeldin shared a picture of the rally with thousands of attendees.

“”INCREDIBLE turnout tonight on Long Island for our Get Out The Vote Rally with Florida Governor @RonDeSantisFL! THOUSANDS strong showed up for our event on only one day’s notice. 10 days until New York elects a new Governor. It can’t happen soon enough!

Last night DeSantis was also on stage at a Luke Bryan concert as we previously reported.

DeSantis seems to be ramping things up a little over a week before the midterm elections.


  1. Great guy and a strong, honest leader who gets the job done!

    1. For me, DeSantis is clearly destined to be the new leader of the GOP. Trump needs to stand down and get out of his way.

  2. He’s an American Hero like Trump, like Kari Lake and like so many known and less well known conservatives who are determined not to let our country be destroyed. Meanwhile demoncrats hide themselves away and lie with the mainstream propaganda media. Thank goodness we all know now, anything from them is lies and manipulation, usually both.

  3. Best Governor in America. Great policies. Clear spoken. America First. A long history of service in the military. Excellent intellectual accomplishments. First-class family man. Defender of freedom.

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