George Costanza Actor Makes Dramatic Airport Style Twitter Departure Announcement Because he Won’t Pay Musk for Blue Check

Jason Alexander, the actor who played George Costanza on the hit sitcom Seinfeld, made a dramatic departure from Twitter on April 20, 2023. In a tweet that echoed an airport departure announcement, Alexander announced that he was leaving the platform because he refused to pay Elon Musk for a blue checkmark.

“Ok everyone,” Alexander wrote. “Twitter has removed my verification. I will no longer be posting on this app. Anyone who posts as me is an imposter. I wish you all well.”

Alexander’s departure comes just days after Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said that 4/20 would be the final day for legacy blue checks. Musk has said that he plans to make Twitter a more free speech-friendly platform, and he has also hinted that he may make changes to the way the platform verifies users.

Alexander’s tweet is a sign that some users are not happy with the changes that Musk is planning for Twitter. It is also a reminder that the blue checkmark, which is often seen as a symbol of credibility on Twitter, is not without its controversy.

The actor famous for the “shrinkage” scene in an episode of Seinfeld and Shallow Hal costar said he would do this before:

It remains to be seen how Musk will address the issue of verification for angry elites on Twitter. However, Alexander’s departure is a sign that some users are not happy with the way the platform is currently being run. Many others who consider themselves average everyday folks think it’s great though.

Musk wants to start a fund to pay for celebrity blue checks, but it’s unclear if that’ll solve their tantrums:


  1. So George plays the emasculated soy boy in Seinfeld but in reality he’s the same in real life.
    What a friggin’ girly man.

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