George Takei Ratioed After Falsely Claiming Dave Chappelle Would be in More Trouble if Only he Had Mocked Jews and Others (He Did) ‘Did You Even Watch?’

Star Trek actor George Takei or “tacky George” as we like to call him, took to Twitter to bash Dave Chappelle’s new Netflix special “The Closer”. Takei is part of the LGBT community.

Think what you will of the special but it’s definitely got libs up in arms over his jokes.


“If Dave Chappelle had so blatantly attacked another minority group, such as Asians, Muslims, or Jews, would Netflix have so readily stood by his artistic freedom? It’s hard not to feel like trans people are considered fair game in today’s America. This is why we must speak out.”

Many asked if Takei even watched it at all as he did make a joke about Jewish people and many others.

Time will tell how long Takei’s tacky tweet stays up. Here is the screenshot in case it comes down:


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