Rep Jayapal Appears in Anti Trump Rant With Creepy ‘Black Eye’ and Rumors Swirl on Twitter

Washington Democratic Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal appeared in an anti-Trump rant on MSNBC with an odd and disturbing black eye.

“.@RepJayapal: “I can’t tell you how deeply distressing and dangerous this is for our country to have Republicans make a very political choice that they are going to, […] go along with Donald Trump because they’re afraid of telling the truth.'”

She said, “It is so dangerous what is happening… the fact that Steve Scalise, the number two Republican in the House, could not even say on Fox News when he was being questioned, that Joe Biden legitimately won the election.”

While Trump has been out of office for almost nine months, Democrats are still bringing up former President Trump on a daily basis. Some might argue that is their only talking point on the news. Twitter users decided to give their take on how Rep. Jayapal got this supposed black eye:

The clip of her appearance on MSNBC seemed to have a more clear video of her speaking making some believe this may have been edited. Either way, it certainly looks creepy. “As @POTUS reminds us, the popular Build Back Better Act is about opportunity vs. decay. We have to invest in childcare, paid leave, education, housing, health care, climate action and other things that provide working people and families a real opportunity to have a better life.”

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