GOP Rep-elect Mayra Flores, Who Flipped 84% Hispanic Seat in TX, Calls Kamala Harris ‘Useless’ as Border Czar

GOP rep-elect Mayra Flores, who recently flipped an 84% Hispanic seat in Texas, called Kamala Harris “useless” as the border czar in an interview today with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

In a clip shared by The Post Millennial, Bartiromo explained that she’s been told that the drug cartels are taking home $200 million a week:

“It’s just extraordinary how much money these criminal cartels are making and they are running the border of America.”

“Alejandro Mayorkas says the border is closed if you can believe that. Jim Jordan was on this program a couple of weeks ago, he says he should be impeached.”

“What do you think about Kamala Harris, the vice president, who is supposed to be the border czar?”

Flores responded:

“The Vice President is useless, and I do agree that (Mayorkas) should be impeached, he is only looking after himself.”

“We need to start enforcing the laws that we already have and we need to put back the policies that the previous administration had that were working.”

“Under Trump, we did not have this border crisis, that’s a fact. We did not have this inflation, that’s a fact and we need to go back to that.”

According to POLITICO, Flores also told Bartiromo that Democrats are not taking Latino voters seriously enough.

“They feel entitled to our vote, making the same promises over and over and really not making nothing happen,” Flores insisted.

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