Greg Kelly Trolls Mara Gay with Picture of Pickup Truck Painted with American Flag

We reported earlier that after NYT editor Mara Gay said it was “disturbing” to see “American flags on trucks,” a fellow pro-LGBT advocate Charlotte Clymer took to Twitter today to support Gay’s narrative.

Newsmax Host Greg Kelly decided to get in on the action and troll Gay instead taking it one step further and sharing a picture of a truck with an American flag paint job.

Kelly sarcastically warned Gay in the tweet of a “trigger warning,” while tagging her and then exclaimed, “This is a PICK UP TRUCK with “Ol’ Glory” on the side ! Darn Tootin’ !!!!”

While it doesn’t appear that Gay has retweeted Kelly, she likely is aware of the tweet since he tagged her. Nevertheless, some liberals have descended on Kelly’s tweet, including LGBT verified Twitter user “Joe.My.God.”

He told Kelly in a vulgar response that he believes, “That truck has tiny d*ck energy.”

Gay tweeted out yesterday in response to all of the responses that she received from her anti-American flag rhetoric and attempted to paint herself as the victim.

“I see I’m being trolled with the American flag this morning. Trolling a Black journalist with the American flag is not the own some people think it is,” Gay declared.

Gay’s tweet has been extremely ratioed, with many attempting to explain where they believe she went wrong.

Verified Twitter user and veteran Montgomery Granger replied, “LOL! ‘Trolling?!’ The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., made the AMERICAN FLAG the symbol of the Civil Rights movement. MLK LOVED the flag. He never marched without it. Let that sink in.”

Another verified Twitter user and Republican candidate for U.S. Congress Buzz Patterson told Gay, “What’s really ‘an own’ is that you think the American flag is somehow an affront to your ‘blackness.’ My friends and military brothers say otherwise. Check your privilege.”

Verified Twitter user and author Tony Shaffer perhaps summed it up best as he said, “No, you are being trolled for being anti-American -no one cares about your color, gender, who you want as a sex partner, what car you drive, etc.”

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