Dan Bongino’s New Show Boosts Fox News to Dominate Ratings, Beats CNN & MSNBC Combined

Pro-Trump conservative commentator Dan Bongino had his new show called “Unfiltered” debut Saturday night on Fox News in which he racked in millions of viewers beating both CNN and MSNBC hosts combined.

“Debut of ‘Unfiltered with @dbongino’ helps Fox News outdraw CNN, MSNBC for 16th straight week.”

Bongino’s show beat MSNBC host by 308% and CNN host by 248% in average viewers as 1.8 million people tuned in to watch his debut. Meanwhile, the far-left media outlets of CNN and MSNBC couldn’t compete with Bongino’s ratings.

Fox News has now been the most-watched cable news network for the 16th week straight in both prime time and daily totals. Bongino’s show certainly helped bolster numbers, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ is currently the most-watched cable news program, averaging 2.7 million viewers, with ‘Hannity’ not far behind with an average of 2.5 million.

Some may say it is because CNN and MSNBC both have a liberal bias so they pull from the same pool however, Fox News has to compete with Newsmax and OANN as well. In addition to that, Bongino still beat both CNN and MSNBC combined.

Fox News’ ratings have gone down overall since Trump left office as some conservatives have felt dissatisfied with how Fox covered election fraud allegations as most hosts dismissed them. Those viewers flocked to OANN and Newsmax to hear a more welcoming message to Trump’s voter fraud claims.

Fox should take notes from this that viewers want to see pro-Trump Republicans not watch RINO’s or Democrat’s bash Trump for 60 minutes. Bongino’s show seems to have a bright future with him pulling in that many viewers.

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