Gun-Toting St. Louis Homeowner on Angry Mob: It Was Like The Storming of the Bastille

In an interview with local CBS affiliate KMOV, gun-toting homeowner Mark McCloskey described the terror that he felt as what he had earlier described as “a hoard of people” came through a “broken gate.”

“It was like the storming of the Bastille, the gate came down and a large crowd of angry, aggressive people poured through. I was terrified that we’d be murdered within seconds. Our house would be burned down, our pets would be killed,” he said.

He also claimed that there were threats of violence from the mob. “One fellow standing right in front of me pulled out two pistol magazines, clicked them together and said you’re next. That was the first death threat we got that night,” McCloskey said.

A local city councilor, Rep Rasheen Aldridge, who was a part of the group that entered, said that he believes no threats were made and that McCloskey and his wife were the antagonists.

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