Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Unveil 8 Part Miniseries on Apple TV Called ‘Gutsy’ in an Attempt to Maintain Relevance

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton have a short docuseries airing on Apple TV. The eight-part series titled “Gutsy” is inspired by “The Book of Gutsy Women” which the pair released in 2019.

Hillary announced the series on Facebook Thursday. In the promotional photo for the series, Hilliary is riding next to her daughter in a red convertible. The announcement reads:

“Mark your calendars for September 9! I hope you’ll join me, Chelsea Clinton, and HiddenLight Productions for the premiere of “Gutsy” on Apple TV. It’s our new eight-episode series featuring our conversations about life, careers, and courage. Some of our personal heroines, favorite pioneering women, and fellow mother-daughter duos joined us—from Gloria Steinem and Jane Goodall to Kim Kardashian, Megan Thee Stallion, Goldie Hawn, and Kate Hudson. Can’t wait to share these conversations—and “Gutsy”—with you.”

After losing the presidential election in 2016 Hillary has made sure to keep her face in the spotlight leading some to speculate she may run again if given the opportunity in 2024. Being president has been a goal of Hilliary’s since her husband left The White House in the ’90s.

To her dismay, the Democratic party selected Barak Obama to run after the Bush era was over. Hilliary was awarded the position of Secretary of State instead. She was then lifted to be the Democratic nominee in 2016 and failed to secure her position as president of the United States losing to Donald Trump.

After her loss, Clinton and her supporters were very unhappy, some may say that Hillary was bitter about the loss, as she thought she had it in the bag.

She has thoroughly discussed her belief as to why she lost the 2016 election citing her lack of understanding of how important social media was in the election.

Hillary and Chelsea will interview an array of women including mother-daughter pair Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson and many others.

Apple describes the docuseries as following the Clintons as they, “embark on a thought-provoking journey to speak with pioneering women artists, activists, community leaders and everyday heroes who show us what it truly means to be gutsy. The series shows Hillary and Chelsea as you’ve never seen them before, revealing their special mother-daughter bond and the unique, multi-generational way they approach the important and timely issues highlighted in each episode.”

This series will start airing in September, as some may speculate that Clinton is still trying to gauge whether or not she will run in 2024. It seems the female Clintons will continue to keep themselves in the spotlight as much as they can, while Bill would probably rather just enjoy retirement in our view.

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