House Candidate Sandy Smith Taunts G.K. Butterfield After Retirement Announcement: ‘Please Don’t Delete and Files or Shred any Paperwork in My Office’

With re-districting and a possible red wave coming our way, Democrat NC U.S. House Rep G.K. Butterfield has decided to go out on a “high note” and retire.

This was one possible option he had, the other being to run against Republican Sandy Smith, who has been building her brand in North Carolina as a Trump supporter, virulent gun rights advocate, and pro-life, fundraising juggernaut.

With her prospects looking better for the seat she has run for before, Smith is starting to attack Butterfield for apparently “giving up” so easily.

“Do-Nothing Butterfield made it official. In the end, I guess the cheating caught up to him. I am running to replace him and I hope to have your support. #AmericaFirst #MAGA

“He’s is leaving. GK, please don’t delete any files or shred any paperwork in my office.”

Click here to read other stories we have run about upcoming political rock star Sandy Smith. Earlier today we also reported that she is beginning to rack up endorsements from people already watched and supported by former President Donald Trump.

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