‘I Have Nowhere to Go’ Elderly, Disabled Woman In Tears Talking About Minneapolis Riots

In a local interview, an elderly, disabled woman is in tears talking about how she has ‘nowhere to go’ after local stores in her neighborhood have been destroyed in the recent riots that started with the death of George Floyd in police custody. She also said the bus line was shut down, further complicating things.

“People did this for no reason” WATCH – @benrynews captured a powerful interview with Stephanie Wilford, a south Minneapolis resident. She describes how the damage from riots has affected her, and others in the community.

She said that the destruction was “scary and is “not going to bring George back here.” Many who have been involved with the unrest believe that it could prevent future incidents like this and save lives.

HEARTBREAKING: “I have nowhere to go now.”

“These people did this for no reason.”

“It’s not gonna bring George back. George is in a better place than we are.”

“I wish I was where George was because this is ridiculous…”

From KSTP:

KSTP reporter Ben Henry interviewed Stephanie Wilford, a disabled woman who lives near the recent destruction.

He spoke with Wilford at a shopping plaza as neighbors worked to clean up after looters. Wilford said she fears she will have nowhere to get her essentials in the midst of damage to her neighborhood as well as the shutdown of Metro Transit.

Wilford said what happened to George Floyd was tragic, but “he is in a better place than we are.”