Seattle News Crew Security Guard Disarms Rioter and Disables AR-15 Looted From Burning Police Vehicle

A security guard for a local news crew sprung into action earlier when he saw a rioter wielding an AR-15 that had been stolen from a burning police vehicle. The rioter appeared to be trying to figure out how to work the high powered rifle so it gave the guard the opportunity to pull his own weapon and disarm the man peacefully and disable the weapon.

The reporter that he was assigned to protect, Brandi Kruse, detailed how after the incident, protesters surrounded them and called them police. She also claimed that an AR-15 that was taken was fired into vehicles. It is unclear if that was the one in the video or not as she also said that 2 AR-15s were recovered total.

Just an update. Our security actually took 2 SPD ARs away from rioters and returned them to police earlier. SPD dispatch is aware both were returned. Whether there is still another one outstanding, we have no knowledge of that.

As I explained on air, our security guard felt that the public was in danger. He took the AR 15 from the rioter and disabled it. We called 911 and waited to hand it over and continue our reporting. Protesters surrounded us, calling us police. I repeated over and over I was press. One protester told me to leave the area because I would not be safe there. That’s behind us, reporting continues on Q13FOX.

Rioter took A-15 out of @SeattlePD SUV and started firing it into vehicles. No one hurt that we know of.

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