‘I Haven’t Had French Fries Since Last June’ Mike Pompeo Debunks Leftist Conspiracy Theory that he Lied about How he Lost Over 90lbs in 6 Months

Former Secretary of State under former President Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, debunked conspiracies on how he lost almost 100lbs.

“Kansas City Star pummeled by journalists as editorial board casts doubt on how Pompeo lost weight https://foxnews.com/media/kansas-city-star-editorial-board-mike-pompeo-weight-loss… #FoxNews the hate by the elite media, sad! Every news outlet should condemn the KC Star!”

The potential Republican candidate for president said that for “six months I was near-perfect in terms of how I ate — now I’m going to be mostly perfect”. This comes as he has lost 90lbs in the span of six months which to most, is a significant amount.

He explained how he did it, “I stopped eating carbs to a large extent, and I tried to eat smaller portions. I’ll keep trying to do that. I won’t be as disciplined about it because I’m not trying to lose much more weight, but right now, I know that if I go back to what I was doing for the last, say, five or six or seven years, then my weight will go back there, too.”

This comes as some left-wing media outlets have suggested he lost his weight from unnatural ways as the Daily Beast (a historically liberal new outlet) reported, “Not everyone is convinced by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s dramatic weight loss—in this case, fitness experts who spoke to the The Kansas City Star’s editorial board. Several experts poured cold water on the 58-year-old Pompeo’s claim that 30 minutes of daily exercise and healthy eating led him to lose a staggering 90 pounds in six months.

‘Ninety in six is unbelievable, especially for his age, unless he’s working out for hours every day,’ said Kansas City trainer Micah LaCerte. ‘The numbers just don’t add up. Dude, just be honest. Mike, come on, man.’ Al Rose, 65, a New York-based trainer, said the former Kansas congressman was ‘definitely being untruthful’ and such a rapid loss is usually only attainable with surgery, drugs, or extreme measures. LaCerte said that, if Pompeo is on any extreme diets, the truth will come out within a year because they’re most likely unsustainable regimes.”

Pompeo continued, “I read a great deal on my own, and I had my theories about eating less and exercising more so that’s what I did.”

While some have questioned the motives behind his weight loss, perhaps a presidential run in 2024, he clearly debunked the leftwing Conspiracy theories that this weight loss was unnatural.

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