‘I Hope He Understands NO ONE is Voting for Him’ Wendy Rogers Again Dismisses Any Presidential Aspirations Mike Pence May Have

Arizona GOP State Sen Wendy Rogers again took aim at Mike Pence today in a tweet where she dismissed any presidential asperations that the former vice president may have

In February, Rogers declared, “I will get more votes in my State Senate Race than Mike Pence will ever get for President. We are talking .0000000001% of the vote.”

This time, Rogers insisted that Pence would get even less than that if he were to make the plunge into the 2024 race.

Rogers also said that she believes that Pence is already campaigning for president, as he had made appearances in Iowa last month, which is where the first caucuses are traditionally held.

“Mike Pence is campaigning for President already. I hope he understands NO ONE is voting for him. He will be an absolute ZERO on election day,” Rogers explained in today’s tweet.

In December, when Pence’s bid was first suggested, Rogers declared in a quote tweet of the report, “It is not happening.”

Pence is backing Georgia GOP Gov Brian Kemp for re-election, putting him at odds with the 45th President Donald Trump, who supports former GOP U.S. Sen David Perdue.

Former President George W. Bush is supporting Kemp and holding a fundraiser for him in Dallas, TX on Monday.

Two “RINO” governors and a former governors are also supporting Kemp, Iowa Gov. Pete Ricketts and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey as well as former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

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