FLASHBACK: Video Released of Gaige Grosskreutz’ Arrest for Second DWI a Couple Months After Kenosha Riot

The man who was shot after allegedly attacking Kyle Rittenhouse, Gaige Grossgreutz is down bad. Recently a jury decided that Rittenhouse appropriately shot Grossgreutz in self-defense. Gaige was busted in what appears to be a DUI stop not long after that event. It appears that the video of that starting re-making its rounds on the internet.

This is not a brand new story but it’s important to document it anyway, in light of the recent Rittenhouse verdict. We hope Gaige can stay out of trouble going forward.

He was not very compliant with police in the video below where he refused to talk to cops or do a field sobriety test. After saying he was afraid to reach for his ID he mostly just said he wanted to speak with his attorney.

The Kenosha County Eye reports that he was ultimately charged with a DUI, adding to his criminal history. Watch the video below:

Kenosha County Eye also reported in part:

Just two months after being shot after trying to kill 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse, Gaige Grosskreutz was driving at almost 3 times the legal limit. This is according to police and Milwaukee prosecutors. We emailed Milwaukee DA Jon Chisholm back in early January to ask why it was taking his agency so long to charge him. He had his Chief Deputy District attorney, Kent Lovern respond. Lovern told us that they were waiting on “toxicology testing before criminal charges are issued.” We asked Chief Patrick Mitchell of the West Allis Police Department what the deal was. He told us in an email that “we will have no statement to make regarding the arrest” but later told us that his officers presented the charges to the Milwaukee DA “within days of the arrest.” He then told us that they obtained the toxicology results back in October. But why did CDDA Lovern tell us they were waiting on the results? Why wait almost 4 months to charge him?

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