ID Lt. Governor Shows Governor How it’s Done, Joins State GOP in Supporting Texas SCOTUS Lawsuit

The Lt. Governor of Idaho announced today on Facebook “I am pleased to join with numerous State Legislators from Idaho, Alaska, and Arizona who support doing everything we can to discover and remedy the irregularities in the 2020 Presidential election. There is no duty more fundamental to being an elected official than protecting and defending our republican form of government.”

Neither Idaho’s Attorney General nor Governor Brad Little has issued their support for the Texas lawsuit, which highlights election irregularities in multiple states. However, in addition to McGeachin’s brief the Idaho GOP also filled one in support of Texas. We reported earlier “In lieu of this, the Idaho GOP is going to take up the fight on their own. Here is the original letter sent to the AG:”

Here is the report showing that the Idaho GOP is taking over, and issuing an Amicus Brief of their own. Media Right News tweeted:

“The @IdahoGOP filed to support the Texas SCOTUS lawsuit in lieu of the RINO AG @lawrencewasden who refused to do it himself. Go ID GOP, Recall Wasden!”

This seems to highlight the divide between Trump Supporters and those labeled as Establishment Republicans. Those believe they are still pushing for a fair election and those who want to move on from all of this.

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