Idaho Food Bank Yanks Trump Letter With Health Tips From Food Boxes then Reverses Decision After Major Donor Backlash

A local Idaho food bank thought it would be a good idea to try and be non-political, by removing ‘Trump letters’ from free food boxes, in one of the reddest states in the nation. Well, that idea has apparently backfired. After initial reports of the situation occurring, we can only draw the conclusion that someone was ‘triggered’ as some might put it, by the fact that President Trump’s name was on a letter of free good going out to those in need in the community.

The ‘Trump letters’ were mandated to go into the boxes according to one local news channel, ‘KTBV’. Apparently, someone thought breaking protocol would be a non-political thing to do. Ariel Jackson, the executive director of the Community Food Basket said, “in an effort to stay non-political, we are pulling the letters”.

But apparently many donors to the food bank have fired back threatening their donations, amidst much other fury from folks on social media and other outlets. Some are also supporting the move by the local food bank.

After the backlash though, it appears as though now the decision is being reversed. Apparently ticking off donors who support the president’s letter and accompanying health recommendations have had more clout than those thinking they could go rogue and cost the food bank money, which could, in turn, cause less food to go out to the community, for no good reason in our opinion.

“Community Food Basket” made a post on social media to “clarify” things adding that their “true mission” is to feed individuals and families and that the letters will remain. See post below:

Jackson also released this damage control statement Thursday night:

“The Community Food Basket – Idaho Falls has been serving all of Eastern Idaho for more than 40 years with no political agenda, just the desire to feed those in need. My desire is that the choice to pull the letters viewed as right or wrong, not tarnish the core mission of this agency. To feed those in need without judgment. The addition or removal of this letter has kicked up the very firestorm we were trying to avoid. In an effort to preserve that core mission and goal of supporting an often silent but significant issue of hunger politically unbiased, I will make every effort to redirect the focus to feeding those in need.”

Only time will tell if the apparent damage done will be undone in a timely manner, or if more people will indeed suffer due to what many see as a selfish move by someone who likely just doesn’t support the Republican president for personal reasons, and just before an election.

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