Idaho Governor Signs Bill Banning Taxpayer Money for Abortions

Republican Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed House Bill 220 on Monday which will prohibit taxpayer money from going to abortion facilities and providers around the state.

In addition to that the bill says no money will support the abortion industry as reported on by Idaho News 6.

This ban most certainly is good news to Idaho Lt. Governor Janice Mcgeachin (R) who is a staunch defender of life in the womb.

“BREAKING: Idaho Governor Brad Little has signed a bill into law that would defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business.”

Republicans have longed to stop taxpayer funding of abortion, as many see it as state-sanctioned murder with support from the government at any level. This bill prohibits any level of units in government including public schools and even universities.

The governor celebrated the number of bills he has signed as he touted having no bills on his desk Wednesday afternoon.

“The bill box is empty.”

Though this bill doesn’t restrict or outlaw abortion in any way it looks to decrease the number of abortions performed in the state by decreasing its funding and cutting it off from taxpayer dollars.

This win for the pro-life movement in Idaho could be an example of how the pro-life Governors should act if they wish to tie the hands of the abortion industry.

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